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Dinozor APPS Privacy Policy 🔑

Privacy Policy

While serving this application, has made it possible for all users; privacy and online freedom. If you do not need your personal information, you can get good quality service if you need it at minimum.

The essence of our services is to make content with your apps to make life easier and fun for you. Especially when we try to give you time with some of our applications, especially our social
account deletion applications. Our other support is to produce and publish fun jokes for you. Especially with our social account deletion applications, we provide you with descriptive Web links to help you delete your accounts and respond to questions you have received from us at the point where you are connected.


With this application you will never see or receive your user information such as your e-mail and password, which is your personal information in no way. Already in the application there is no password and user input area. Your information is secured for this reason. Due to some of the services our business partners use, they may be able to process some of your information and improve it further.

These services are: 

Google AdMob 
Fabric io 


We are proud to offer a free, ad-supported version of our app. In this free version, you can see some of the common ads our advertisers place in front of specific applications or websites. Please note that these ads may be targeted to your personal information. Our application does not share your IP address with your browsing history or other information advertisers. However, advertisers may collect certain information from you or from your device while serving ads in this app, including your device's advertising ID, IMEI, MAC address, and wireless carrier. 

We may need some permissions so that my application can perform some tasks. These permissions can only be used when really needed and because of system enforcement.

 For more information please visit:

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